September 08, 2011

Sims 2 Basements - How to make one with windows!

This is just a quick and easy tutorial I made just now to help Jessy. Hope it is useful!

First thing to know about basements: they will allow window placement and let light in from those windows if the foundation is at least seven clicks high. I tend to favour 8 clicks high foundations myself, but with this tutorial, we will be doing one that is seven clicks high.

Another thing to know: foundation walls will not let you place windows or decoration items on them. It is better to build your basement with regular walls, then add foundation around it in order to deal with this problem.

August 04, 2011

Photobucket Issues...

For the first time ever, I have run out of bandwidth on one of my Photobucket accounts. Never fear, though, the pictures will all be back in two days, as Photobucket assures me my bandwidth will be reset on the 6th of August.

Thanks for being patient!

July 21, 2011

Sims Challenge May/June - Delphine, Hunter, Apple, Violet & Summer

These are the sims I posted for the May/June Sims Challenge, again on GoS. Have fun putting them in your game!

Prompt: Dolphin

Delphine loves the ocean. As soon as she was old enough, she rented a small beach hut and settled in, spending hours watching the waves, hoping to fulfill her dream of swimming with dolphins. It hasn't happened so far, but on the way, she met Hunter, and together they now have a beautiful little girl named Kiki.

Extra shot | Bodyshop preview | CC list
Download | Alternate

Invasion of the Cat People - A Multi-PT replacement

[I posted this for the May theme on GoS, but never got around to sharing it here. Post taken verbatim from my post on GoS with minor adjustments.]

Influenced just a little bit by the Cat People on Doctor Who, I present the "Invasion of the Cat People" Multi-PT replacement set.
(This is the first creation I've ever shared. I am going to hide under a rock now...)

There are four PTs in this set, each of which has a different feline skintone and pointy ears. Each of the four also has a different default hair colour--no custom colours--as well as different eyes. The eyes and skintone are custom, so will show up on all of their spawns. I tried using genetized eyes, but they wouldn't show up at all, and that was defeating the purpose of my replacement.

July 19, 2011

A present for Mir... "Beginning & End" wallpaper set

Today is my wife's birthday and to celebrate, I have created a set of walls for her game.

There are a total of 56 walls: 46 wallpapers & 10 painted walls.
Palette is by faith4faith at COLOURlovers.
Most patterns are also by faith4faith, others by me. Some may also be by various COLOURlover members, but will all be linked with the palette.
The painted walls and the names used are all from the palette as well.

Massive thanks to faith4faith for creating this fantastic palette. And to Mir, for sticking with me through all the frustration. Not that she knew I was making these walls for her... Oh, who am I kidding? ;)

Too tired to go in-game and take preview pics, but I will do so later. Done.

On to the massive pattern & paint swatches:

June 15, 2011

Notes About the Peabodies [#1: Genealogy]

Round 0: day 0 to day 52 [aka Generation 1]

* Further rounds are not based on generations, but rather on the days played.
* All rounds after round #1 will last eight days.
[Updates are labelled with the number of the generation, the name of the household being played, and the round number.]

Round 1: day 40 to day 60
Round 2: day 60 to day 68
Round 3: day 68 to day 76 [in progress]

June 09, 2011

The Peabodies - gen 2.Laurie.1

[Notes about the Peabodies] [Gen 2 - Gen 2 Laurie - Peabodies]

When he was a teenager, Laurie met townie Christy Inada--whom I aged down to teen, in order for them to be able to date. They fell in love and married as soon as Laurie grew into an adult. Laurie's sister Jessica, and mom Lilly were witnesses to the wedding (you can see a couple of pictures in the very first Peabody post). The two of them moved out of the Peabodies' home on day 44, and began their lives together... The next 16 days are a roller coaster of emotions.

April 15, 2011

The Peabodies - gen 2.Jacob.1

[Notes about the Peabodies] [Gen 2 - Gen 2 Jacob - Peabodies]

Jacob moved out on day 42, so he has eighteen days to go in order to catch up with Luna's household. This first update for him is a little different than the others, mostly because I don't have a lot of pictures of him.

March 12, 2011

The Peabodies - gen 2.Leanne.1

[Notes about the Peabodies: Part I - Genealogy]
[Gen 2 - Gen 2 Leanne - Peabodies]
Leanne, just like twin sister Josie, moved out of the family house on day 40. When I played her, just following Josie, she immediately invited her girlfriend Margaret to move in, and they had a quick, shotgun wedding in the front yard, with no witnesses, not even a photographer. At the time, both ladies had jobs and were looking for advancement...

March 01, 2011

The Peabodies - gen 2.Josie.1

[Notes about the Peabodies: Part I - Genealogy]
[Gen 2 - Gen 2 Josie - Peabodies]

Josie moved out of the family home on day 40 of the Peabody challenge. As I've mentioned in the first update, at the time I played Josie's house, Luna's household was on day 60. This first Josie update brings her from the very first day of her adulthood all the way to day 60.

February 14, 2011

The Peabodies, generation 1: Jean

[Notes about the Peabodies: Part I - Genealogy]

Welcome to my Peabody Family Challenge!

It all started when I decided to try my hand at having a sim raise ten children all in quick succession... right after I'd installed a hack to allow more than eight sims per household.

Jean Peabody, my "founder", moved into an empty neighbourhood and met girlfriend [and Apartment Life townie] Lilly Do on the first day; Lilly was part of the welcome wagon. In less than a week, they were married, had moved in together, and were both pregnant.

Unfortunately, when this all started, I was not very good at taking pictures or editing them, so the first generation is mostly a series of pictures of the Peabody children as they age up.